The GAFM ® Global Academy of Finance & Management ® is world recognized - independent Board of Standards and Accreditation Council for professionals with members in 150+ countries offering exclusive certifications to candidates who meet the highest standards and assessment. IBS GAFM ® is a global self regulatory organization and in alliance with the top 800 accredited business school programs globally. The GAFM ® International Board of Standards is a member of the ACBSP, AACSB, ICE, ANSI, NOCA, AABFS and is referenced by The United Nations, FINRA, US Department of Labor, Investopedia Forbes Dictionary. GAFM ® Certifications are recognized by the Arab Academy, India Academy, Latin Consortium, and the African Economist Association. The GAFM ® is licensed to offer the CWM ® Certification, the MFP ® Master Financial Planner Program and the AFA ® Accredited Financial Analyst Certification.

Innovate Software Consulting Inc Ltd in alliance/partnership with American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) and IBS GAFM also become eligible to conduct and resell finance, tax and estate planning and wealth management and related trainings. Innovate Software Consulting Inc Ltd will be able to conduct the following training and certifications in accordance and as approved by IBS GAFM and AAFM.

Benefits of Professional Certification from AAFM ® International Board of Standards:

  • Gain Recognition from an Independent “Professional Certifying Body”
  • Use Post-Nominal Credentials after your name on your business cards.
  • Addition of Certification Marks after your on your Resume, CV, & Promotional Materials. Ex. John Doe, MFP Master Financial Planner
  • Achieve an accredited degree-based designation that rewards you for your professional exams, education, hard work and experience
  • Protect your job security by achieving graduate recognition from: an independent, vendor-neutral, globally recognized authority and standards body.
  • Promote Advanced Specialization Skills in your resume and portfolio of credentials
  • Enhance your digital resume with key memberships, awards, and industry recognized qualifications.
  • Certifications and knowledge expansion have been proven to increase your professional image and salary potential.
  • Advanced Standing to Publish research in the journal or websites as a Certified Member.
  • Assist in work helping charity, governments, the United Nations, or NGOs through our volunteer and outreach programs.
  • Use our private career network of: job alerts, advice, communications and job tools.
  • CPE continuing professional education from any affiliated business school.
  • Networking with members in more than 150 Countries via online or conferences.
  • The AAFM ® Certification body has international alliances with Leading Associations in Arabia, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.
  • The AAFM ® Official Approved Annual Conference is a TOP Global Conferences in Business, Management, Finance, Economics, Leadership and more.
  • Become a Fellow or Advisor of the Academy and Institute.
  • Professional Online Networks with LinkedIn
  • Can show others that the Holder of certification has achieved Double Accredited Education from a government recognized business school such as ACBSP.
  • Certifications are verified online globally to improve your ability to be hired & screened through our Certification Verification System
  • Certifications help your resume to be found in the digital world of “Search”.
  • Qualified Board Certifications are allowed by State Bar Associations and The AICPA State Accounting Bodies.

  • List of Trainings & Certifications by Innovate Software Consulting Inc Ltd in accordance with IBS GAFM & AAFM standards and policies are outlined in the attached document:
    IBS GAFM & AAFM List of Trainings & Certifications

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